Decorative Painting

antique painting, flower frame

Decorative painting in classical, period styles; buon and secco fresco, egg tempera, Ruben's black-oil and other traditional techniques.

Product Design

Samuri chess set, Michael Curtis sculptor

Gameboard pieces, dolls and mannequins, face-masks, utilitarian objects, and other materials for sale and promotion. 

Graphic Design

Marylad Renaissance Festiva, Kinight and Maiden

Graphic design for commercial purpose; advertisements, posters, wall-painting, logos, et cetera.

Architectural Design

gravestone design, traditional funerary art

Original, classical design of homes, monuments, memorials, museums, follies, et cetera.

The Beautiful Home

Civic Statues

Shipbuilder statue, Alexandria, Michael Curtis sculptor

Statues of heroes, exemplary citizens, presidents, generals, justices, et alia; in architecture, in parks, and for estates. 

Portrait Busts

sculpture portrait lady, Michael Curtis sculptor

Portrait bust in-the-round or in relief, official and familial, death masks and life  masks; in bronze, aluminum and precious medals, even chocolate.