History of Texas, The Alamo, Michael Curtis

Significant commissions include The History of Texas (the largest US frieze of the 20th Century), Justice Thurgood Marshall, and many public statues, including General Eisenhower. Recent commissions include a double portrait and a general’s cartouche. 


Fort Worth Architecture, Frost Brothers

Commissions include The New American Home,  The Frost Building,  homes for houseplans.com, a townhouse block and home additions. Also developing two architectural Orders to amend the traditional Orders: The “Levantian” and the “Aeolian”, included in The Beautiful Home.  


Liberty Statue, Striding Liberty, Michael Curtis

Numerous portrait busts for the Library of Congress, The Supreme Court Building, and other public buildings, including Justice Thurgood Marshall. Corporate and private portraits are found in the United States and Europe.

Funerary Arts

Classical Urn, Columbarium, Michael Curtis

Stones, monuments, and memorials are designed to flatter the landscape, to fit the setting, and to honor the person. 

Medals & Awards

American Eagle Coin Medal Statue Michael Curtis

Specialty in fine medals, including the George Washington Presidential Medal, the John Marshall Medal in Law, The Federalist Society's James Madison Medal, et cetera

Landscape & Gardens

Griffin, Classic Gryphon

Landscapes, pools, fountains, follies, and institutional features are each designed in sympathy to the context.  

the studio


Architectural Plan, Tidewater

Civic Statues, Portrait Busts, Architectural Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Decorative Painting.

Current Projects

Grave Marker, Portrait Gravestone

A selection of Statues, Medals,  Homes, Gravestones,  Books and Lectures in progress, 2018.

Available Work

Hercules Statue, Herakles, Michael Curtis

A selection of Statues and Statuettes completed and available and others in progress, nearing completion.

Books & Prose


Select prose, out-of-print, in-print, and forthcoming: Classical Architecture and Monuments of Washington, D.C.: A History and Guide.

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Books & Verse

Bee Bee Verses, Michael Curtis

Select verse, out-of-print, in-print, forthcoming, and published, including Bee Bee Verses, Land of Sunlight and Stars, and The Priapeia.

Tours & Lectures

Alexandria Classical Academy

Recent tours, lectures, and essays on classical aesthetics, American art history, and classical Washington DC.



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