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Bee Bee Verses

Bee Bee Verses, Michael Curtis poetry, love and erotica

  Within this pretty book are found 22 dramatic sonnets and 37 beautifully crafted lyric, didactic, and narrative verses of love, of lies, and of the follies we all share.  


Land of Sunlight and Stars

Afrikaans poetry, English translation, Michael Curtis, van den Heever

Land of Sunlight and Stars: Afrikaans Verse in Translation.  Forward by FW de Klerk, introduction by Dr. Samuel Golden.

"out of print"

Lyric Verse

Michael Curtis poet, rhyme

Sixteen collections from 4,000 verses.  Watch this space for The Priapeia, translated from Latin and dramatically re-imagined in 62 sonnets.  The picture-link will take you to selections from Colloquies (the world's history in 502 sonnets).

Courage and St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

published by The Society of Classical Poets


Michael Curtis, sculptor, artist, architect, poet

Question: In addition to being a classical poet, you have a deep background in classical arts, such as architecture, sculpture, and engraving. In a world seemingly awash in modern arts, what is the value of traditional poetry and art? Do you feel people could benefit from more exposure to such poetry and art? The picture-link will take you to the interview. 


Pandora, libretto, verse

"The Aestheticon" a tetralogy of libretti containing Pandora, Galatea, Azriel, Amaron.


Verse Plays

verse play, millennial, satire, Michael Curtis

Eight ten-minute verse plays from two tetralogies, "The Progressive" and "Moralities".  The picture-link will take you to Gownsmen.


published by The Pennsylvania Review