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Classical Architecture

Washington, DC, Classical Architecture


Classical design formed our nation’s Capital. The soaring Washington Monument, the noble columns of the Lincoln Memorial, and the spectacular dome of the Capitol Building speak to the Founders’ comprehensive vision of our federal city. Learn about the brilliant L’Enfant and McMillan plans for Washington, DC, and how those designs are reflected in two hundred years of monuments, museums, and representative government. View the statues of our Founding Fathers with the eye of a sculptor-architect and gain insight into the criticism and controversies of Progressive additions to Washington’s monumental buildings.


Public Art in Ann Arbor

Public Art in Ann Arbor, Michael Curtis author

Guidebook and photographic essay: "Keller and Curtis have done a wonderful job.  This book is an elegant and useful guide for all art lovers..."

Wm. Hennessey, Dir. U of M Museum of Art

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American Art for Americans

American Art for Americans, Michael Curtis

  American art masterpieces and many famous yet inferior works of the modernist school  are considered in this picture-rich book which defines the American aesthetic. Here, a definition by demonstration of an aesthetic within the context of that which makes us Americans: The abiding, unifying text of our Declaration of Independence, the Declaration’s formative precedents in Greek principles, Roman morals, the Christian Bible, natural law, and that enlightened philosophy contemporary with the nation’s founding and active through the course of our history.   

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Liberty Patriots

Liberty Patriots, National Liberty Memorial, Michael Curtis, David Newton

 Succinct and entertaining biographies of Liberty Patriots, those African-Americans both slave and free who battled for personal, political, and national liberty in America’s War for Independence from the British Empire. This book is in supplement to The National Liberty Memorial, Washington, DC.

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William Girard: Modern Classical

William Girard artist, Michael Curtis classical, Venus

 Twentieth Century fashions in art left hidden many artists of genius, among these,  William Girard, an artist of breathtaking scope whose piercing observations of modern  life have much to tell us of who we are, and of what we are becoming.  Girard places us  among the characters of traditional myth, allowing us to see ourselves in the enchanted settings of the stream of  history: Through aesthetic experience, William Girard gorgeously  discovers us to ourselves.  

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Michael Curtis artist Randolph Rogers

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