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Washington DC art, architecture, and the Founders' classical vision; classical aesthetics and practice; American art history.  Please contact if you would like a tour, lecture, or essay delivered on these several subjects.

 It was an incredible experience. Michael was one of the most engaging and knowledgeable tour guides I've encountered. He clearly had a passion for history, philosophy, art---areas that our Founding Fathers were well-versed in and allowed them to write the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to establish our form of government.  

Our Classical Heritage, Walking Tours

These tours are fashioned for those who wish a greater understanding of  why and how the District of Columbia came to be a classically designed city.  In these tours, you will learn of the ancient antecedents of our political  philosophies, of the stylistic precedents of our architectural forms, and of the Founders’ classical vision.  Five tours were delivered in the spring and summer for The National Civic Art Society.

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Coolidge Scholars, Washington, DC Orientation

This tour concerned three problems central to practical philosophy: The Problem of Knowledge, The Problem of Conduct, The Problem of Governance, and how these philosophical problems are answered in three American temples, the Library of Congress, the United States Supreme Court Building, the United States Capitol Building.

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